Saturday, August 27, 2011

More things to think about when considering Chihuahuas

Fragile -
Many people get toy breeds without realizing that they can be seriously injured or even killed easily. Accidentally stepping, sleeping, or sitting on them can be a fatal error.

Remember they enjoy curling into small places to keep warm. Places like under your clothes, blankets,  or pillows. They can also seriously injure or kill themselves just by leaping off high places including out of your arms. Larger dogs may pose a threat even if they are just playing. A quick shake can be just enough to break their small necks. Like any dog breed it’s important to always supervise your dog. This is even more true with small toy dogs. They require constant supervision. You must always be on alert about what’s going in your dog’s environment. It’s recommended that they always be on leash.

Children - 
Typically this breed is not a good choice for small children. Children tend to be clumsy. It’s just too easy for a child to accidentally step, sit, or roll on the little dog. They can also be dropped or squeezed too hard. Many Chis feel overwhelmed by children because of their loud voices and quick actions. Stress and fear kick in and often so does fear or defensive biting. The other thing children don’t always realize is just because the dog is small and cute doesn’t mean it’s a puppy. It also doesn’t mean that they can carry around and treat it as though it were a stuffed toy.

Territorial -
These little dogs are naturally suspicious. They have what many refer to as the small dog complex. It’s not uncommon for a Chihuahua to go into a fit when someone approaches what they consider their domain. Some dogs may consider this the entire street. Though this may sound and look funny sadly it’s a serious situation. This kind of paranoid behavior can lead to them being so suspicious of everything and everyone it will lead to biting.  It’s very important that Chihuahua owners stop this before it accelerates to that point.

Barking -
Chihuahuas are notorious for barking. They feel they need to inform you of every single new sound and sight. Owners have to be quick to stop this. If trained correctly your dog will learn to stop barking when you tell them to.

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